First, don't repeat the mistakes others make, learn from them and adjust your tactics. Here's an article about the use of ad blockers, and even more importantly, why people use ad blockers. So don't be annoying. Chances are good that people may look at your digital ad, but they don't go looking for them. So don't get in the way of the content they want, rather complement the content. 

Next, read this article to better understand what turns people off:

  • long video ads before the desired page (those annoying 30-second TV spots shoved down your throat before you can see the 14-second video clip you wanted to see)
  • popups and overlays that block the desired content
  • ads that follow you as you scroll down the page 
  • NOTE: some consumers don't even like retargeting, the practice of targeting ads to people after they've completed a search for a particular item (if you searched for "backpack" you see ads for backpacks for weeks)

Take a hour or so to do some research before you begin your ad campaign. Make the content interesting, compelling and appropriate to the audience. And don't do what people find annoying.